Where to Ride

The primary focus of SMMB is centered around the trails at St. Mary’s Lake State Park

The trail consists of about 10 miles of nice single track and that’s where our primary focus for new trail and trail improvements is centered.

Here is a map of the newer trails at the lake, or you can download the higher quality, printable PDF if you’d like.


Further Away: M.O.R.E Trails

If you have the time, there are a few great trails within an easy drive of Southern Maryland as well.

Information on these can be found on the M.O.R.E website  (M.O.R.E maintains a LOT of trail in the greater DC area and are a great resource for finding trails beyond Southern Maryland)

The trails we normally hit when we have the time are ¬†Rosarville, Patapsco, Fountain Head and Cedarville as they’re all an easy day trip away.