We love to ride, and because of that, we spend tons of time and effort to make riding better in Southern Maryland.

There are plenty of ways to support us and we encourage you to do so!  It makes our lives easier and lets us do better things.

  • Join our Club!  – a simple step to support us in an ongoing fashion, join IMBA/SMMB and that is a hassle free way for us to maintain funding for our activities!
  • Volunteer Your Time! – trail building, organizing the club, getting the word out, whatever your skill set….contact us!
  • Donate! – If you’ve joined the club, but want to give more..we’ll always accept it!  Donations accepted via paypal and are tax deductible.

We couldn’t do what we do without tons of support from the community, so pitch in and help out!

If you’ve already volunteered, submit your hours here!


Southern Maryland Mountain Bikers